5 Simple Outdoor Activities for Family Fun

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5 Simple Outdoor Activities for Family Fun

Weekdays are hectic! Weekdays are pretty much a five day, blurry composition of work, school, projects, homework, cleaning, sports, dance, cooking, laundry; just fill in all your hectic-ness. We all know the list goes on and on and on. It’s the sad truth. Weekdays can be exhausting!

 When Saturday and Sunday rolls around, it’s so important to take some time out of all the chaotic haze to spend quality family time together. We all know time flies by and this truth couldn’t be more real than seeing how fast our own kids grow. Finding simple family activities to share on the weekends creates priceless memories to look back on and cherish. Grabbing the family and heading outdoors is a great way to keep yours active, healthy, and together.

 Jeebi Board anyone?

Not being biased here but having a Jeebi Board is a perfect and easy “go to” for a fun family outdoor activity with lots of options to ride. Grab your Jeebi Boards and head over to your local park for a ride together. Look for parks with hills where you can climb up and race down. Who will the fastest downhill racer be? If you have a relaxing afternoon in mind, cruising on a boardwalk is perfect. If you’re looking to have a more active ride, a skatepark promises fun thrills. You definitely don’t need to be a pro skateboarder to ride up and down skateboard ramps on your Jeebi Board. It’s so easy to ride no matter your skill level.

 Take a walk on a nature trail.

A quick google search on nature trails near you will lead your family into peaceful surroundings to disconnect from the outside world. As you’re walking, take your time, observe your surroundings. There’s a world of animals, insects, and plants to discover. Make it a game on who can spot the next new amazing thing. Take advantage of your beautiful surroundings to take family pictures or creative nature shots. Pack a picnic and set up your blanket in the middle of nature to enjoy a serene family lunch. It’s a great opportunity to talk without distractions about what everyone in the family has going on.

 Organize a huge game of kickball.

Connecting with family and friends now and then is much needed in everyone’s crazy schedules. Send out a massive group text planning to meet up at a local park for a fun kickball game. Make a day out of it by turning the kickball game into a potluck. Having everyone bring a dish means you’ll share food, laughs, and some friendly competition. What team will get bragging rights?

 Take a dip in the pool.

A pool in your yard or a community pool, cooling off on a hot day as a family is the perfect chance to be creative. Make this pool time more than just lounging. Bring some dive sticks and rings for underwater challenges. Create your very own unique family pool game, everyone in the family can take turns making up silly rules. Games don’t always have to be about winning or even make sense; laughing is what family time is all about.

 Kids Rule.

Most of the time, weekend plans tend to be decided for by the adults. Once in a while kids have some input but why not give the kids an entire day to rule. Wake up on a weekend morning and tell the kids that today is “YES” day. Anything they want to do, anywhere they want to go, anything they want to eat, YES! Go with the flow for the day. You’re certainly in for a grand adventure full of happiness and excitement.

 No matter what you do or where you go, the most important thing is to remember to make it a priority to disconnect from all your worries, responsibilities, tasks, “fill in the blank”, and take the time to create family memories that will last a lifetime. Family and fun is what life is all about.


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