Jeebi Knee Board

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The Jeebi Knee Board is a superior long board with a handlebar and knee pad, allowing riders to ride in new ways. The way the board is designed allows you to ride on your knees, a squat position and more. The board gives you freedom to change positions easily. You can also ride it like a regular long board. 

Physical Dimensions

  • Length:  46"
  • Width:  9.5"
  • Height:  12.5" (Floor to top of handlebar) 4.75" (Floor to top of deck)


  • Deck
    • 9 Ply maple bonded using a high temperature epoxy bond mold.
    • Double kicktail with wheel well cutouts for extra carving clearance.
    • Grip tape along the length of the board.
    • A separate rubber knee pad is included with the board.  Can be glued to the deck or placed on as per riders discretion.  
  • Trucks
    • 180mm gravity cast reverse kingpin trucks. 
    • 78A high rebound barrel/cone bushing.
  • Wheels
    • Diameter:  70mm
    • Width:  51mm
    • Hardness:  78A
    • Material:  MDI High Quality Polyurethane
  • Bearings
    • Rating: ABEC-9
    • Material:  608 chrome steel
    • Retainer:  Nylon
    • Shields:  Rubber
  • Clamp
    • CNC Machined Aluminum
    • Patented
  • Handlebar
    • Material:  Aluminum with rubber grips