What is the Jeebi Board?

  • The Jeebi Board is a hybrid with kneeboard and longboard mixed together. It is unique as it revolutionizes the way you can ride a longboard. A normal longboard can limit how you ride. The Jeebi Board changes it all. Our patent pending design integrates handlebars which allow riders the freedom and flexibility to ride the Jeebi Board in new ways. The patent pending clamp uses the same preexisting truck hole pattern to attach the handlebar to the longboard. 

What new ways can I ride the Jeebi Board?

  • There are many ways to ride the Jeebi Board. One new way to ride the Jeebi Board is on your knees or squatted down while holding on to the handlebars. Just push off with your foot and glide on the Jeebi Board.  The handlebars allow riders to hold on, lean, and use their body weight to guide the board’s direction.  The best part about the Jeebi Board is that you have the freedom to make up cool and fun ways to ride, so make it up, have fun, and experience your own #TheJeebiEffect. Share your pictures on Instagram showing how you ride the Jeebi Board, tag @ridejeebi and #TheJeebiEffect

Can I ride the Jeebi Board standing up like I would ride any other longboard?

  • Absolutely! The Jeebi Board could be ridden as any other longboard. The handlebars do not impede in this riding position. However, its lots of fun to try new riding styles. The Jeebi Board itself has top of the line components to give you an awesome ride. Also, the clamp/handle combination is easily removed and reattached as you like. See our Product Features section for detailed information.

I have little or no experience riding a longboard. Could I still use the Jeebi Board?

  • Great news! The Jeebi Board is an excellent longboard for beginners or those who have never ridden a longboard. Riders do not have to stand up to ride this longboard, riding on your knees or squatting is lots of fun too. For those who want to learn how to ride a longboard standing up, the handlebar is there for assistance. A rider who is learning to ride in a standing position has the ability to squat down and hold the handlebar in case they feel a little off balance. Just squat down, hold on, steady yourself, and back up you go. The Jeebi Board is a great way to learn to ride a longboard standing up with an added feeling of security. Once you become a pro, then you can try advanced riding techniques. This product is recommended for ages 8 and up. The recommended age is only an estimate. A parent's decision to allow their child to ride should be based on child's maturity, skills, and abilities. 

How do we safely ride the Jeebi Board?

  • Safety is very important.  We urge all riders to wear full protective gear at all times; helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards. With any sport activity, there is a risk for injury and proper use of the product is important. Please review the manual for more safety details before riding your longboard. YouTube safety and instructional videos are coming soon.

Where can I purchase a Jeebi Board?

  • We are a “direct to consumer” site so right here at Jeebi.com is the only place to get your very own Jeebi Board. We do not retail because we want to keep the cost of our hybrid board as low as possible.

      How does the Jeebi Board come packaged? What's in the box?

      • The Jeebi Board comes as shown in the order now page. It is delivered, almost fully assembled, inside of a large rectangular box. The clamp is loosened to allow the handlebar to easy installation once removed from the box.  With the tool provided, you will be required to tighten the clamp to fully secure the handlebar in the upward position. This tool can also be used to tighten the trucks as needed. Refer to the manual for detailed instruction. 

      What is your return policy?

      • Each product that we ship out is carefully inspected to assure the tip-top standards that we thrive for. All sales are final. We do guarantee our product against defects not resulting from improper use or care for a period of 90 days from receiving your longboard. Customer assumes responsibility for costs associated with warranty return shipping. In the unlikely event that you encounter a product defect, please contact us by email at contact@jeebi.com and we will do our best to address your issue.

      Does the Jeebi Board have any patents?

      • Absolutely. The clamp is fully patented!  Patent # US 10,556,170 B2