Jeebi Board Longboard Abec 9 bearings


The ABEC-9 bearings are made of 608 chrome steel with a high strength nylon retainer to keep the ball bearings secure.  The sides are sealed with rubber shields.  A small injection of light oil has been applied to provide a smooth long ride as well as extend the life of the bearings.

Jeebi Board Longboard 78A hardness wheels


The wheels are composed of high quality MDI Polyurethane material.  The larger 70mm wheel diameter provides a better ride over rougher terrain and the 51mm width along with a 78A wheel hardness will ensure that you have a large contact area as well as better grip when carving.

Front side of the Jeebi Board longboard with handlebars and clamp


The board comes with 180mm wide gravity cast reverse kingpin trucks custom designed to maximize carving.  The soft 78A high rebound barrel/cone bushing combination was designed to increase carving and allow even small riders to experience #TheJeebiEffect.